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Lesław, Zdzisław, Jakub, Stefan, Grzegorz, Natalia, Roma
About us
Scope of services of PASACO:

Strategic area of operation is production and sales of coated papers. Many years of experience in carbonless copy paper, of which Pasaco is the sole manufacturer in Poland and Central and East Europe, let us develope other productions of coated papers with special emphasis on silicone paper and special usage coated papers.

The area which is wide and very intensively developing in PASACO company is production of the big range of converted paper. PASACO is the manufacturer of cash register rolls, fax rolls and continuous business forms. We are producing industrial rolls (special usage rolls) such as: ATM rolls and medical rolls or plotter rolls. Pasaco offers self-adhesive labels in rolls as well.

Comprehensive services and individual treatment of every customer’s needs enrich PASACO offer with new products recently such as thermal paper for digital tachograph (tachograph rolls). Thermal paper has very good resistance for external factors. Pasaco offers A4 sheets with individual printing and packing list envelopes or security envelopes.

For special customers’ request we offer services of cutting paper to size – untypical papers or paper – like materials. Pasaco also laboratory services.