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Planting trees

Planting trees is one of the most profitable, effective and simple ways of addressing climate change.

Since Earth is our common good, we don’t limit ourselves to activities in our immediate surroundings, but we also intend to make our contribution in the remotest locations of the world. We have contributed to the planting of trees in Togo, West Africa, in order to stabilise forest ecosystems and promote natural forest communities.

We plant more than
100,000 trees per annum.

Starting investment in renewable energy sources

The power market in Poland is based primarily on coal mining. Unfortunately, the combustion of coal inflicts increasing damage to the natural environment and it directly affects a decrease in the quality of air we breathe.

As a responsible company, we have started to invest in renewable energy sources (photovoltaics), which represent a chance for clean air and a greener world. With continuous power generation, a photovoltaic system does not emit CO2, i.e. does not interfere with the environment and does not generate substances or waste harmful to humans and animals.

Electric power recovery

The growing awareness of the need to limit energy loss in order to protect the environment convinced us to upgrade our largest cutting machine to recover electric power from the braking process.

Hybrid vehicles

Caring for the environment also means caring for the air we breathe.
Therefore, we successively replace our vehicles with hybrid ones, thus helping reduce emissions of harmful substances and fuel consumption at the same time.

Reduction of electric power demand

Reducing power consumption is a priority for reducing pollution. We are aware of this and we take every opportunity to reduce electric power demand.

We have replaced traditional lighting with LED in every part of our company. Lighting power consumption is more than 10 times lower, helping reduce the production thereof, which has a direct impact on reducing of carbon dioxide emissions harmful to the environment.

Eliminating paper documents for digital ones

It takes 17 trees to produce 1 tonne of paper. Paperless, a strategy for eliminating a traditional circulation of paper documents for their digital version, has therefore a beneficial effect on the natural environment.
In addition to positive environmental aspects, this has improved the flow of information in the company – information about an order that has been packed or a truck that has been sent to a customer appears in the system in no time and is ready for further processing.

Reduction of plastics

Plastic waste fills up our landfills and water reservoirs, and decomposes very slowly in the environment. We are aware of the risks involved, therefore we have stopped buying mineral water in disposable plastic bottles and have introduced water dispensers with permanent connection to the mains, thus reducing plastic waste.

Replacing woodfree photocopy
paper with recycled paper

Recycling is one of the cornerstones of the circular economy. As we deal with paper conversion, we are aware that using recycled paper we can contribute to reducing emissions of harmful substances to the environment and reducing the consumption of raw materials, energy, and water.