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  • Outsourcing of logistic processes

    Almost 30 years of experience, exports to more than 80 countries, and vast knowledge and infrastructure allow us to offer our new and existing business partners logistic process outsourcing services.


Logistics process outsourcing offer

Our warehouses are located in central Poland on the DK10 main road, in close proximity to the DHL terminal. Besides the space for lease, we offer support for or complete handover of supervision over the transport – by road, sea, or air. Our experienced team also provides assistance with export and import customs clearance.

The storage facilities meet all conditions of the most demanding customers in the hygiene, medical, clothing, and automotive sectors. We represent the highest standard of warehousing – Class A, which is confirmed by the positive results of external audits regularly carried out in our organisation. In addition, the facility is ISO 9001 – 2015 and 14001 – 2015 certified.

Advantages of using our services

 – no need for own storage facilities = lower costs

 – optimisation of expenses related to the hiring personnel, operation of forklift trucks or warehouse infrastructure in general

 – ability to focus on core business activities

 – improvement of supply chain processes

 – increase in competitiveness

Enquire about our services

Do you have any questions? Our Logistics Department is at your disposal.

We offer:

Warehousing and storage operations
Domestic and international transport
Picking, packing
Marking and labelling
support for customs clearance, preparation of transport documentation
supervision over entrusted goods in the ERP class system
specialised forklift truck equipment
  • Eco-friendly Pasaco

    In the development plan of our company, we take into consideration environmental requirements and strive to reduce the negative impact of production on the environment. In the production of coated paper, we use recycled raw materials and the production process itself is free of any toxic substances.