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  • Gummed paper

    Gummed paper is covered with a layer of water-activated vegetable adhesive with high adhesive strength. It is eco-friendly as it is derived from renewable resources such as paper and potato starch, thus being fully recyclable.


Offer of gummed paper

We offer gummed paper on a chalk base with a gloss finish and on recycled bases. 

They’re available in different grammage variants, printed or unprinted. 

For non-standard applications with the use of gummed paper, please contact us.

Enquire about our product

Our sales team is at your disposal.

ECO paper:

amount of waste reduced to a minimum (reduced grammage of silicone paper) for lower silicone transport and disposal cost,
high product quality,
use of non-toxic components in the production process,
reducing the content of harmful chemical compounds in uncoated paper,
production of topcoat paper using green components.

Main applications of gummed paper:

Wrappers for rubbish bags
Postage and revenue stamps
Labels of end coils, finished rolls in paper mills
  • Eco-friendly Pasaco

    In the development plan of our company, we take into consideration environmental requirements and strive to reduce the negative impact of production on the environment. In the production of coated paper, we use recycled raw materials and the production process itself is free of any toxic substances.