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  • About PASACO

    The strategic business area of the company
    is the production and sale of coated paper.


We are trustworthy

Papiery Powlekane PASACO Sp. z o.o. is a family business, operating continuously since 1994. Our greatest asset is a team of qualified and experienced workers. Owing to their commitment, we offer top quality products and services.

This is confirmed by a high position of PASACO in the coated paper market.
We export to more than 80 countries worldwide.

We have achieved a position of a stable partner for our customers. We are distinguished by our individual customer-oriented approach and the building of partnership relations based on trust and satisfaction. In each case, we prioritise the needs of our customers.

We are concentrated on high product and service quality. Our mission is to search for new solutions through which we help our customers achieve their long-term goals.

Reliable employer

Our greatest asset is a team of qualified and experienced workers. Owing to their commitment, we offer top quality products and services.

We are looking for people staying curious about the world, responsible, loyal, and development-oriented.
What we value in our employees is enthusiasm, determination, and a positive attitude.

We have achieved a position of a reliable partner for our customers and employees.

Why should you join our team?

– a job in a solid and stable company (contract of employment),
– comfortable working conditions,
– training and substantive support,
– an attractive remuneration scheme,
– an opportunity to raise professional qualifications

Dynamics, quality, reliability

The main objective of Pasaco is to deliver high quality products and services and to continuously develop the organisation for adaptation to market expectations. Investments and openness to new technologies, while maintaining sustainability, constant search for new products and flexible approach to customers make the company highly competitive in the market.

The production of silicone release paper to high hygienic standard, whose main customers are key global hygiene companies, ensures the appropriate hygienic purity of our products.

A strict quality control at each stage of the production process guarantees that each paper roll shows the appropriate and reproducible quality, in line with the standards required by our customers.

The effective management of quality, organisational development and process change is confirmed by external certificates of ISO 9001/ISO 14001 and FSC® systems.


See the certificate
See the certificate
FSC® certificate
See the certificate


Regarding tax obligations, the objective of Papiery Powlekane PASACO Sp. z o.o. is to provide accuracy, timeliness and transparency of tax returns.

The company fulfils the tax obligations in accordance with the Tax Ordinance.

Documents to download

We encourage you to refer to the following documents in case of any issues with the quality or transportation of our products. Our team is ready to assist you in the process of filing a complaint and resolving any problems.


Flexibility is our domain. We listen carefully to our customers’ needs, so that we always respond quickly and creatively to changing market requirements.

The Research & Development Department constantly searches for innovative solutions to improve the production process and designs and implements new products. The work of the Research & Development Department is supported by the Laboratory, which has first-class equipment for strict control of all goods manufactured at PASACO®.

Offers and services flexibility

Experience in the industry

Top quality of products delivered


EU projects

Caring about the quality of our products and customer satisfaction, we pursue continuous development through multiple projects involving the implementation of innovative technologies and through continuous further training of our team. Some projects have been financed by EU funds.

In the 2007-2013 financial perspective, we have carried out projects under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme and the Human Capital Operating Programme. In the current financial perspective, we are running research & development projects as part of the Smart Growth Operational Programme.

Current projects

NCBiR - POIR.01.01.01 - 00 - 114 / 15

Current projects

BGK - POIR.03.02.02 - 00 - 1977 / 20
NCBiR - POIR. 01.01.01 00 - 259 / 15
PARP - PROGRAM OPERACYJNY Inteligentny Rozwój 2014 - 2020

PASACO tender procedures

If you’re looking for good business opportunities, take a look at the list of Pasaco tender procedures. It’s a company with many years of experience in the industry, which offers a winde range of products and services for various market sectors. With regularly organised tender procedures, you have the chance to find attractive offers and establish cooperation with a reputable company.

  • Eco-friendly Pasaco

    In the development plan of our company, we take into consideration environmental requirements and strive to reduce the negative impact of production on the environment. In the production of coated paper, we use recycled raw materials and the production process itself is free of any toxic substances.