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  • Testing and laboratory services

    The activities of our laboratories include the testing of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, as well as active participation in numerous projects of the Research & Development Department.


Offer of tests and laboratory services

We use methods based on Polish standards and also develop our own research methods. The competence, knowledge, and experience of our staff, as well as our equipment with modern control and measurement apparatus, subject to the required legalisations, calibrations, and checks, guarantee the high quality of the tests, studies, expert reports, and assessments carried out. We also provide our services to external clients, offering our knowledge and experience within the framework of the methodology and scope of research.


We can design customised solutions.

Enquire about our services

Do you have any questions? Our Research and Development Department will be happy to discuss your expectations.

We offer:

Cutting-edge test and measurement equipment
Experienced and competent staff
Highest quality of research and expertise
  • Eco-friendly Pasaco

    In the development plan of our company, we take into consideration environmental requirements and strive to reduce the negative impact of production on the environment. In the production of coated paper, we use recycled raw materials and the production process itself is free of any toxic substances.