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  • Silicone release paper

    Pasaco is a leader among manufacturers of silicone release paper for the hygiene market.
    In addition to excellent quality and competitive conditions, our domain is a service centre, service through which we maintain long-term customer relations.


Offer of silicone
release paper

We offer silicone release  paper: Kraft, Clay Coated and Glassine, coated either on one side or on both sides with different coating quality. 

Silcaform® available in different grammage versions (from 30 gsm to 135 gsm).

We produce paper in rolls (width 15 mm – 1620 mm) and printed or unprinted sheets.  

We produce silicone relese paper for the following automotive and e-commerce industries, and for use in the manufacture of envelopes, labels, self-adhesive materials, construction materials, pest control etc. 

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ECO paper:

amount of waste reduced to a minimum (reduced grammage of silicone paper) for lower silicone transport and disposal cost,
high product quality,
use of non-toxic components in the production process,
reducing the content of harmful chemical compounds in uncoated paper,
production of topcoat paper using green components.

Main applications
of silicone release paper

Hygiene products
Medical articles
Self-adhesive labels
Self-adhesive materials
Envelopes, courier pads, e-commerce packaging
Self-adhesive forms
  • Eco-friendly Pasaco

    In the development plan of our company, we take into consideration environmental requirements and strive to reduce the negative impact of production on the environment. In the production of coated paper, we use recycled raw materials and the production process itself is free of any toxic substances.