Environmental Protection

PASACO is involved in environmental protection by observing the applicable laws and regulations as well as by limiting the negative impact of the production process on the environment due to industrial pollution and environmental destruction.

One of the most visible manifestations of such actions is recovery of recyclable materials. We have regularised formal-cum-legal status in relation to waste management. Segregation of production waste is performed in our company and waste register is kept. We use packaging made of biodegradable materials which can be recycled.


No toxic substances are used in the paper coating process. We’re working on paper coating technology where barrier coatings (water and greaseproof) based on ecological components are used. They offer an alternative to plastic (PE) coated paper. As we take under consideration in our plans the European Union regulations, we receive subsidy from the UE in support of our investments.


Declaration of the Mayor of Solec Kujawski