About us

The main strategic area of operation of our company is production and sales of coated paper.

Many years of experience in production of carbonless copy paper allowed us to develop production of other types of coated paper with special emphasis on release liner and self-adhesive paper.


At present we are supplying our products to over 50 countries worldwide, constantly acquiring new customers.


Our machinery includes:

  • 2 roller-coating machines
  • 2 gluing machines
  • 7 printing machines
  • 15 roll making machines
  • 9 packaging machines
  • 6 label printing machines
  • 6 slitters designed to cut paper to size from paper in roll to paper in roll.


We employ qualified employees owing to whom our company is constantly growing and is able to provide comprehensive services to customers. Our modern Research and Development Department is responsible for improving our manufacturing process and developing new products. The main goal of the Department is to seek new production solutions which will meet the requirements and  fulfil the expectations of our customers. Our Laboratory, which employs first-class equipment ensuring strict quality control of all the products manufacture by PASACO, supports the activities of the Research and Development Department. Moreover, the Laboratory tests paper used in in the production of our goods as well as new raw materials in order to improve the quality of products which go directly to our customers.


We process 24 thousand tonnes of different types of paper annually.


We are also involved in the production of cash register rolls and rolls for specific uses. We manufacture over 23 million cash register rolls and 18 million specialty paper rolls. Our company is the leading producer of  specialty rolls  in Europe and the leader in the production of tachograph printer paper rolls.


Another dynamic manufacturing section our company is involved in, which makes us different from other paper manufacturers, is sale of standard labels and linerless labels. By manufacturing labels using our own raw materials we are able to offer labels of different sizes, which can be applied in all branches of industry.  Our own innovative technology of linerless labels allowed us to distinguish ourselves on the market and to extend our range of products, adding one of the most interesting products in label industry of the recent years.


Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality products and to ensure continuity of supply.